Welcome to PAWS!

green eyed catPAWS strives to improve the quality of life for pets and people in Lumpkin County. We promote the advantages of spay and neuter. We subsidize low cost spay/neuter services provided by compassionate veterinarians in our community. We provide education for the public on proper care and handling of cats and dogs.

If you have lost a pet, it is imperative that you contact the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter as quickly as possible.  Let them know that your pet is lost and send them a picture: 706-867-7297.  Pets brought to the shelter may be euthanized or adopted out after five days.  Go to the shelter on Red Oak Flats Road and check to see if your pet is there.

PAWS will post information about your pet.  Send information and a picture.  Let us know if your pet is recovered and keep us informed if you are still trying to find your pet. For more information about our group, contact us.

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PAW PRINTS ON MY HEART makes a great gift during the holidays. It is available at The Dahlonega Nugget, Cranberry Corners, Woodland’s Edge, Country Cottage, the Branding Iron, Red Barn Veterinary, Dahlonega Veterinary, Wholesome Earth and from PAWS Board members.