Belle is back

Belle is back! A lady that lived near the square in Dawsonville found Belle Wednesday night on Highway 9, 4 miles from her house. She took her home, bathed and fed her. She took her to the Dawson County Humane Society yesterday and they micro chipped Belle. We are so happy to have her home.

Belle’s collar and tag had been removed but her harness was on. Who would have ever believed she would have wandered that far. Of course, I think someone had her for a few days but that’s my theory. The collar was next to impossible to remove and it had her identifying tags on it. Her harness was still on. Very scary indeed.

Belle was lost Thursday, March 22nd around 4 pm. Belle is a tri-color
beagle, female, approximately 4 years old. She was wearing a red harness.
She also had a red collar with a tag. All of our phone numbers were listed
on the tag. Belle has seizures and needs her medication twice a day.