PAWS spay/neuter assistance comes an end

Tremendously successful PAWS spay/neuter assistance comes to an end after serving the community for five and one half years and issuing more than 2,000 vouchers

When we began the program with $14,000, we planned to use it to get as many owned pets as possible spayed or neutered. We never dreamed that donations and grants would keep us going so long and help so very many pets and their families.

PAWS spay/neuter assistance continued this long due to contributions from the pet owner, individual donations, and the support of our local veterinarians. Although PAWS members have tirelessly donated their time and money, we are immensely grateful to each of you who also contributed.

Vouchers will no longer be issued after April 15, 2017. Support for spay and neuter surgeries will end on June 30, 2017. If you have a voucher, please contact one of our local veterinarians for an appointment as soon as possible.

Emily Lewy
PAWS President

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When you order from Amazon, PAWS Dahlonega will receive a donation from Amazon if you choose PAWS Dahlonega as the beneficiary.  It costs you nothing but can prevent dogs and cats from being killed in shelters when there is no home for them.  There is an icon on to get you started.  Spay/neuter is the solution.  Let’s end the killing of innocent pets.  Thank you!

Trapper catches coyote in Sandy Springs

45-pound animal nabbed, may have eaten missing pets.
By Ellen Eldridge  
A local wildlife trapper caught his third coyote in two weeks Sunday morning in Sandy Springs. The 45-pound, gray coyote got caught in a trap near tennis courts on Winterthur Drive, said trapper Tim Smith of  He said a woman called him after losing pet cats, but homeowners associations have called, too.
“We’ve got serious coyote problems,” Smith said. “We get calls every day from people who have problems with missing dogs and cats.”
Smith calls the Chattahoochee River a highway for coyotes and said since he started his Atlanta-area business 14 years ago, he’s seen dozens of wild coyotes.
About two years ago, Smith said he caught seven coyotes near Marietta Country Club in Kennesaw. The largest of those coyotes weighed 90 pounds, he said.
Usually, the deer disappear first, Smith said. The neighbors reported not seeing a deer in three weeks, but when their pets go missing they start calling for help.
Though Smith puts out traps that he checks daily and catches coyotes alive, he has to destroy the animals when he returns to his office.
“Once coyotes start eating domestic animals, they’re going to continuously keep doing it,” Smith said. “They won’t stop.”
Euthanizing the wild animals is the only legal option, said Smith, who is licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
“It’s against the law to relocate coyotes,” Smith said. “We do have to put them down; that’s the hardest part of this job.”
Though the trapper gets more calls about squirrels than coyotes, Smith said he feels good about removing dangerous animals that often kill pets. Continue reading

Lost Tabby in Dahlonega

5-30-16Lost from 152 Oliver Drive, Dahlonega, male, neutered, 4 years old, America shorthair, grey tabby, microchipped number: 0A13465234, medium size, about 8-10lbs         Contact: Edith, <> 270-438-9992