Two lost Great Pyrenees left with Dahlonega Vet

Two lost Great Pyrenees were left with Dahlonega Vet about midday on Wednesday, February 18. We understand the owner was not able to get out of the driveway to come for them. The person who rescued the dogs is willing to remove trees blocking the owner’s driveway. The owner may contact PAWS at 706-864-4613 for this additional help.

This sounds like a great story for the next PAWS book. It might begin: Some thirty hours into the Great Ice Storm of 2015, my phone rang. It was the first land line call we had received since the power went out. A friend wanted to know were she might get help rescuing two Great Pyrenees that were running around her neighborhood in the cold.

This is a great story about many wonderful people trying to help these dogs. Please, let us know how the dogs get back home so we can write the rest of the story!