Daisy & DudeDAISY and DUDE need a GOOD HOME !!!

Daisy and Dude are EXCEPTIONAL DOGS and the PERFECT PETS to be part of a loving family that can afford to care for them properly and will give them plenty of attention and affection. They need a few acres of land on which to roam and play.

  • Dude is a handsome, sandy 5-year old GOLDEN PYRENEES. (Both Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees breeds are known for their sweet dispositions and loyalty.) Weighing ~80 pounds, Dude is a totally laid-back big teddy-bear, but has a booming bark for watch-dog duty.
  • Daisy is his lovely, blonde half-sister, weighing ~40 pounds. She is alert, spirited and playful.
  • Daisy and Dude have always been together, and I want very much for them to remain together. They have both been fixed and are current on their shots.

It breaks my heart to let them go, but I am desperate. PLEASE HELP ME FIND A GOOD HOME FOR DAISY and DUDE. Rebecca@EtowahHills.org706-973-7956