On her way to a new forever home! Success!

6-23-15This wonderful pup lived with the Webbers for almost two months before being on her way to a new home.  We thank them so very much for their time, money and patience spent on this great pup.  Lynn & Danny, you’re special!

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding fostering Charlotte. We didn’t ask to foster her, like my daughter says, “she chose us”. We have been told she is living in a wonderful home with 3 other dogs (one her age & 2 elder dogs). She is having the time of her life (playing and swimming)! We couldn’t be happier. We pray that this will be her “forever family”. We will always remember her fondly. Thank you so much P.A.W.S. for helping us help her.  From : Lynne Webber, dlkw@windstream.net

Black/White Terrior mix, very friendly, spayed, young female found at 483 Roy Grindle Rd., Dahlonega.  Please help Charlotte find a home.  Webber <dlkw@windstream.net>