Help for Ferel & Homeless Cats

PAWS was recently asked to help a family that was feeding 20 homeless cats with two expectant females.  Clearly this is something PAWS cannot afford.  Our current spay/neuter fund is being rapidly depleted.  Without lots of donations and/or grants we are currently seeking, we will be out of business next year.  We need your help to keep going!

We appealed to Feral Cat Program of Georgia and they are now working with the family to get all the cats spayed or neutered.  Their program is not as convenient for Lumpkin County residents as PAWS’ spay/neuter program, but it is great when dealing with large numbers of cats.  We plan to continue working with them.

The FCPGA is a grass-roots program run entirely by volunteers with the help of local veterinarians, Dr. Tonya AmiriDr. Tracy Land, Dawson County Humane Society, and the Humane Society of Forsyth CountyWe are a registered 501c3 non-profit organization, donations are tax deductible.

Our mission is to control the cat overpopulation. This is accomplished through TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return/Relocate). We specialize in rescue of strays and socialization of feral kittens for the purpose of making them ready for your loving home.

The term “feral” is an adjective used to describe behavior, it does not describe a breed of cat. “Feral” is used to describe many nonsocialized animals and even people!

What is a feral cat?  Feral cats and kittens are simply domestic cats that have not been raised to trust people. They are not the same as a stray or lost cat. This link will display some differences in the two that can make it easier to identify them

 “Feral Cat Colonies” are maintained by people who feed them, known as caregivers. Caregivers receive assistance with sterilizing the cats and providing medical care. Occasionally, feral cats become friendly with the caregiver and can be socialized to become a family pet. In addition, many cats we help are actually abandoned or stray cats that are homeless by no fault of their own. Often the FCPGA can find an adoptive family for these abandoned pets.The other truly feral cats are not happy being pets. They can become stressed and aggressive if forced to live indoors. They prefer to live in their cat colony or similar environment. We appreciate your continued support and donations to make this program possible. Our volunteering is a very rewarding experience, let us know if you’d like to join us.