PAWS spay/neuter booming

PAWS issued 48 vouchers during the week of September 7 thru 14.  28 during the Red Barn Rabies Clinic.  Lumpkin County residents love their cats and dogs.  They take in and love strays that show up.

Intakes are down at the Lumpkin County Animal Shelter, yet, during the month of July, 15 dogs and 49 cats were euthanized. [July statistics are used because those are the most recent available on the county website.]  We’re killing to many cats and dogs!  I say, “We” because our tax money is being used to do it.

The shelter is one of the few departments that received an increase in their budget.  Why is this department getting an increase when their intakes are down?  They now want to take in animals from Dawsonville to fill empty cages subsidized with our tax dollars.  How does this make sense for Lumpkin County Taxpayers?

If this is a bit confusing, ask the commissioners what is going on at the Tuesday, September 15 meeting at 6:00 PM in the Administration Bldg on Courthouse Hill.