PAWS spay/neuter assistance comes an end

Tremendously successful PAWS spay/neuter assistance comes to an end after serving the community for five and one half years and issuing more than 2,000 vouchers

When we began the program with $14,000, we planned to use it to get as many owned pets as possible spayed or neutered. We never dreamed that donations and grants would keep us going so long and help so very many pets and their families.

PAWS spay/neuter assistance continued this long due to contributions from the pet owner, individual donations, and the support of our local veterinarians. Although PAWS members have tirelessly donated their time and money, we are immensely grateful to each of you who also contributed.

Vouchers will no longer be issued after April 15, 2017. Support for spay and neuter surgeries will end on June 30, 2017. If you have a voucher, please contact one of our local veterinarians for an appointment as soon as possible.

Emily Lewy
PAWS President

House Bill 313 discriminates against certain dogs.

Dogs should be judged on their individual behavior. Unfortunately, a new piece of legislation, House Bill 313, treats certain dog breeds and mixed breeds differently than others.

HB 313 places onerous and arbitrary requirements on anyone who adopts or transfers ownership of certain dogs. Even worse, it’s impossible to accurately comply with the bill’s requirements since calculating bite statistics by breed is an inherently flawed process.

PLEASE, urge your state representative and senator to oppose HB 313. We need to send this message far and wide, so please share this on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.